Data recovery is an important concept. If you can’t get into your computer or laptop… you may be stressing out. There may be a way out. It’s not always the end of the world. In many cases, we can save the files.

On the Road to Recovering Data

In this case a customer came to me with two old laptops and one netbook filled with precious files and photos. Two of the computers had easy access disks, but the third one required me to take the whole thing apart.

Data Recovery of Laptop

Data Recovery can be effective but its not always neat and pretty

Once I extracted all three disks, I started copying out the files and put them onto my personal server. From there I called the customer right away and gave access so they were able to start downloading all their many gone-but-not-forgotten memories.

Data forensics is a whole industry. I don’t suggest you spill a drink on purpose all over your computer just to see if it will survive, however accidents DO happen once in a while. Its good to know you can often times escape total loss.

Corrupted hard drives often times can be restored. If the drive is mechanically failing, however, there is more that is required.

A Blocking Issue

One of the three hard drives is dead. Totally dead. Operating systems and even the BIOS do not recognize it. So what do we do now?

Looks like I’ll order some Torx screwdrivers on Amazon and then take it apart. If I see something stopping the drive from working, I will attempt to get it moving again.

Data Recovery on Hard Drive

This dead hard drive has a small chance at recovery.  Waiting on the right tools to come in the mail.


If the computer actually recognizes the hard drive, then the files will come off easily. What I do is take them out and connect them to another computer. However if the drive is mechanically dead, there may be a small chance I can kick start it long enough to get the files out. I will disassemble the drive and make sure the parts are moving.

We will have to wait and see what the outcome might be. Stay tuned for a near-future update on this job, or contact me today if you want me to get started recovering files from your computer.

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