This is my first official computer build of 2020. I usually recommend a custom build to people for a variety of reasons. My first disclaimer is that you won’t necessarily spend less money. However you will be able to spend more money on the quality parts you actually want and will use, and less on the stuff that doesn’t matter.

By going the custom build route, you can get precisely the equipment you are looking for, without the compromises. You won’t have to settle for a generic solution that is a one-size-fits-all out of the box solution.

For some people, the simple option of online customization from the computer manufacturer is the easiest way to go. This allows the factory to custom build the computer for you. However, with this route, you are still usually limited to a select few options of the factory’s choosing.

What if you wanted to do something a little different?

To mix and match the exact parts you want in a PC, it is certainly worth taking a look at having Aaron Pfoltzer LLC customize a build specifically to suit your needs.

The beginning step – ordering the parts and waiting for them to arrive

First Build of 2020 - the parts

Most of the parts arrived on time as expected.

First Build of 2020 - beginning assembly

And assembly began right away.

Most of the parts were ordered from Newegg. However I got a better deal on the GPU from Walmart.

Then, with the added arrival of the power supply, CPU fan, and DVD-ROM, the job was able to come to a completion.

Concluding my first computer build of 2020

A little customization of the LED (changed it to blue), and we were off to the races installing Windows 10 and drivers.


For an estimate of what it would take to build your next computer, contact me today.

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